Holand Sea of Flowers, Mini Holand in China

Let me tell you about one of beautiful garden flower in China, The Holand Sea of Flowers. If we see the name, we guess that the garden will look like Holand city in Netherland. And the answer is, yes you are right. You will see tulip flowers, windmill, and many of Holand architectures there.

The garden flowers which known as “China Number One Sea of Flowers for Tulips” is located in the northern section of downtown Dafeng, and the western section of the central district of Xinfeng town. It takes 25 minutes drive from Yancheng airport and 5 minutes drive from downtown Dafeng.

Nowadays, Holand Sea of Flowers has tourist service center, cafetaria, windmill lovers pavilion, shopping center and the equipments, such as sightseeing vehicles, yachts, canoes, speed boats and other tourism facilities.

In 2013, Holand Sea of Flowers held a large group wedding, a miss model of the world park tour, a dinosaur carnival and some events for create tourism branding. When I went there in October 2015, I saw some beautiful altar and wedding decorations. I am sure if you held your wedding party there, it will be a wonderful garden wedding party. The flowers, architecture, and fresh air will make an unforgetable moment for your life.

You also can buy some beautiful souvenirs there, such as original and imitation flowers or plants, food and snacks, stationaries and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Holand Sea of Flowers! You don’t need to go so far away to catch Tulips. Cheers..

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