Firework, where do you come from?

I just saw beautiful fireworks from the hotel’s window when I have a tour with my schoolmates. Making shine on the dark night, it makes the fireworks such kind of an angel..^_^

As usual, I often curious about the history. Where does the firework come from? I didn’t expect the answer, but yeaahh.. It is from the country where I am living now “China”.

Here the history that I got from Wikipedia:

“Fireworks were invented in ancient China in the 7th century to scare away evil spirits, as a natural extension of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China of gunpowder. Such important events and festivities as Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival were and still are times when fireworks are guaranteed sights. China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world.”

Alright, hopefully I can see a lot of beautiful fireworks over the world in my future.. let’s see!

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