Maan Coffee: When Uniquely Decorated Coffee Shops Enter China’s Market


Hi! This is my first visited of coffee shop in China “Maan Coffee”. My friends just took me here when we came to Daxinggong, 1912 which is the most famous night life place in Nanjing. A lot of people also spent their time here, I was not surprising due to its uniqueness and cozy place. You can see on my picture for its distinctive decoration. Wooden style and trees which decorate the room, that’s very beautiful.

Don’t ask me about the menu, please! Here, you can see a lot of many kinds of snacks and beverages such as wafel, toast, sandwich, ice cream a lot of variations for tea and cofee.. yummy!


This cozy coffee shop make me curious about the owner, then tadaaaaaa.. it’s a South Korean entrepreneur “Ja Sang Shin” who built this franchise coffee shops.

After decades in restaurants in South Korea Shin left for China. Then, when he was arriving in Beijing, Shin established a Korean barbecue chain “Ai Jiangshan”. He subsequently brought his family over and got the coffee bug.

If we translates “Maan” word into Mandarin, it’s mean “romantic”. Furthermore, Shin has experience running an art gallery in South Korea that gives him a good eye for room decoration. The most interesting thing for me is the sales profit, of course..hehehee..
According to that in 2014 Maan sales grow to $70 million last year, double 2013’s. Around 40% comes from coffee, with the rest from food and desserts such as waffles and toast . The chain plans to double its shop total to 200 by the end of 2015, including a mega store exceeding 3,000 square meters in the resort city of Haikou.

Awesome, right?

So, coffee lovers. Do you interest to build coffee shop like Shin? Who knows maybe it’s your luck here,,,.



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