Being Efficient with Subway

This morning, I just went to the conference so early. The distance between my home and the conference place is so far away. But, I need to feel grateful due to Nanjing has metro or subway. This fast train is really help me a lot. I need to pass 25 stations to catch the conference place, could you imagine how far is it? I will be so tired and difficult if Nanjing doesn’t have subway. Maybe I need to take a bus for so many hour. Furthermore, the subway`s tariff in Nanjing is also cheap enough.

Then, I was thinking randomly about subway construction in Jakarta. I am happy to hear that due to Jakarta`s traffic is so terrible. So, subway will really helpful for Jakarta citizen.

In my opinion, subway has some benefit than other public transportation. First, you can estimate your journey time due to subway is rare to delay and can avoid traffic jam. Second, subway has clear route or map that can make the passenger know the route easily. Last, subway is very fast that can make your time more efficient.

Are you subway lovers?



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