Hardwork from Indonesian Students to Promote Our Beloved Homecountry

Don`t ask what did your country give to you, but what did you give to your country. That’s a famous quote from Indonesia`s founding father, Soekarno.

When I saw a great work from Indonesia Students Association in Nanjing, I think about that quote randomly.

Yeah, Bhinneka Nanjing 2017 is a great work and contribution from Indonesian students for their home country. They are really hardwork to held some events such as entrepreneurship seminar, sport competitions and culture festival. They cooperate together in order to promote Indonesia to other foreigners in Nanjing.

It started from entrepreneurship seminar which invite CFO and Co-founder one of the biggest Indonesian e-commerce, BukaLapak.com. He shared his tips and experiences about entrepreneur, startup, motivation and so on. I joined that seminar which I think really useful for students, especially Business student like me.

Then, they held sport competition that invite other foreigners too such as basketball, football, badminton and so on. Is it interesting, right?

Finally, Bhinneka Nanjing is closed by culture festival. Around 152 students participated as art performers, they were dancing, singing and playing music. It`s really great performance.
I am so proud to be a part of Indonesia Student Association in Nanjing.

Although we are so far away from our beloved Indonesia. Hopefully, we can always contribute for our home country.

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