Being Ready for Competition, Is That You?


Last September 2016, our president Jokowi came to Shanghai to meet with Indonesian citizens who live in China. He just attended G20 meeting then spent his time to meet Indonesian during his visit to China.

I just came back to Nanjing from my summer holiday, thus I can met him in Shanghai. So lucky for us due to Indonesian Consulate in Shanghai gave us free bus to attend Jokowi’s gathering in Shanghai. My money was save, hehe ^_^

At that time a lot of people were there, of course! Jokowi came with his wife, Mrs. Iriana and some of the ministers. As usual, our President always be humble, he did not hesitate to shake his hands to Indonesian. And of course! I think you can imagine, how was there. Indonesian just scream and try to take picture and shake Jokowi’s hand. I saw many of guardians try so hard to keep our President although Jokowi just relax to face us, hahaha.

We also can enjoy some Indonesian artist performances there such as Ari Lasso and Tata Janeeta. When we sing Indonesia Raya (Indonesian national song), we felt touchy because we just far away from our home country.

In his speech, Jokowi said that nowadays we can’t reject globalization or open economy. We should face some international agreement that have been signed long time ago. All of us should be ready to face international competition. He was also told that Indonesian characteristic should be pushed with competition. For example, our SOE’s┬áservices were not good enough long time ago, but when many competitors came to Indonesia then Indonesian SOEs fixed themself to compete with the competitors.

I also agree for that, we need to be hard worker to develop our home country. More than 70 years that Indonesia got its independent. But, although a lot of natural resources can’t make us to be a developed country. How our education level still lower than our neighbors.

The words also such kind of reminder for myself as young generations. How I can contribute to my home country, if not us then who’s else?

Finally, I am sure that young generations could develop Indonesia into brighter future. Let’s see­čĺ¬




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