Single Traveller, why not?

my passport that bring me far away from home

Now, I would like to tell you about my experience to be a single traveller. I can’t say that it was interesting enough, but I got a lot of meaningful lessons to be a survivor in the strange environment.. haha

Why I want to do travelling by myself? Simple answer, it’s SIMPLE!

Why simple? I can be flexible for the time or itinerary, I don’t need to worry that someone else will be lost during my travel time, I can decide everything quickly due to I just responsible for myself.

However,  the most negative thing is might be we will feel lonely during our trip. Furthermore, if you should do traveling by yourself then my tips might be useful for you. Check it out!

1. Prepare your personal stuffs early

Ensuring that your medicine and personal beauty stuffs have been put in your travel bag. If you forget to bring your underwear or your clothes might be you still can buy in the store, but we can’t guarantee that they will sell your medicine or beauty stuffs. Please pay attention with these matters!

2. Bring the stuffs that you think it will be expensive at your destination place

I am sure if you travel with a lot of money, it does not matter for you. So, just relax! However, if you are a backpacker then you need to pay attention. Me and my friends often to bring some instant foods or snacks in our travel bag to minimize our spent. Especially when we know that everything’s expensive in our destination country.

3. Browsing, browsing and browsing

Yeahh.. due to you just alone, please be careful with your safety. Asking your friends who have experiences before or read traveller’s blog to make a plan or estimation. The things that you need to browse are:

a. Do you need visa or any license to visit that country? If yes, please find out how to get it formally. If you choose agent services, please check about their credibility.

b. Where will you stay? The price and how to get there.

c. How many places that you plan to visit?

d. How to avoid scammers?

e. How much is your estimation budget during your travel?

f. Transportation route and map

g. How to change your foreign currency? (if you go abroad)

h. Where is restaurant or shop that sell your daily need? If you think it will hard to find one, you can bring your needs from your home.

i. The weather forecast, you can consider what kind of clothes that you will bring to your travel

j. Souvenir places and how to bargain with the sellers (if possible)

k. What kind of language that you will use or any way to reduce communication barrier.

l. How to use mobile phone or internet?

Yeahhh.. that’s all about my list to do when I want to travel. Hopefully you will get inspiration from it..

Happy to be a single travel!!


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